Why Reactivation Modeling Works

Some things in the world of digital marketing are inevitable – and lapsed email supporters is one of them. But just because an online supporter hasn’t engaged with your program for a while doesn’t mean they should be written off. In fact, lapsed supporters are one of the most valuable segments within a nonprofit’s email universe. 

While the value is there, it’s often time-consuming and resource-intensive to build out a reengagement strategy that works well. That’s why our data science team created a tool that helps nonprofits, in a sense, go shopping in their own closet – building their list back up by identifying the right lapsed supporters to bring back into the fold. It’s done with our powerful, AI-backed reactivation model. 

Here’s how it works: Say you’re a nonprofit with an inactive file of 100,000 names. Our model analyzes your email program’s data – opens, clicks, donation rates and so forth – and tells us which of those 100,000 names are most likely to open and donate to an email from your organization. This enables nonprofits to mail a highly qualified, strategic segment of lapsed supporters – protecting your organization’s deliverability while maximizing the opportunity for openers and donors. 

One partner we’ve deployed reactivation modeling for saw a return of 435 percent in just twelve months of emailing a modeled audience of 40,000 names. 

And our other partners have seen similarly incredible results:

Now is the time nonprofits should begin strategizing around reengagement – bringing lapsed supporters back into the fold and cultivating them so that they are once again highly engaged and primed to give during the important year-end giving season. To find out if a reactivation model is right for your nonprofit, get in touch with us here: