Powerful Results in Key Moments: AdvantageAI Names Drive 50% More Gifts During International Aid Crisis

By Maureen McNally, Executive Vice President

For any nonprofit organization, the test of acquisition sources is whether supporters contribute when their donations are most urgently needed – and whether that support endures.

Over the last 72 hours, as global need spiked, our in-house digital cooperative, AdvantageAI, passed its biggest test to date of its rapid response capabilities. The co-op is made up of more than 60 members combining to contribute email addresses for nearly 80 million supporters. Practically, the co-op works because it leverages the kind of targeting common to social ads platforms like Facebook with the speed and predictability of fixed-cost growth.

Once you’re a member, you tell us how many leads you want, we develop a model custom to you and then you’re off and onboarding. 

That’s a very simple description of how AdvantageAI works. But what I wanted to write about today is what we learned over the last weekend about its power:  

For one organization responding to the weekend’s earthquake in Haiti, the top-performing cohort was acquired from AdvantageAI. In fact, the AdvantageAI cohort – which was smaller than the other segments – drove 50% more donations than the known donor group. 

This kind of success with AdvantageAI begets more success. As the data lake that supports AdvantageAI accesses richer data on performance, it becomes better “trained” at finding people with shared characteristics: namely, supporters who are email-responsive with a desire to give to humanitarian causes at moments of high need. 

And importantly, by getting these gifts now, this and other like organizations will benefit from repeat gifts as disaster-relief efforts progress and the calendar turns toward the year-end giving season. 

Since its launch, we’ve seen AdvantageAI generate fast returns, high open and engagement rates and we’ve implemented learnings that have made it more effective over time. What we hadn’t seen, at scale, was how effective it would be in moments of great need – and now we know, and we wanted to share it with you. 

For nonprofits with limited options for fixed-cost growth and, therefore, a growing dependence on Facebook, AdvantageAI is the platform you’ve been waiting for – and now we have unequivocal evidence the supporters you acquire from AdvantageAI will donate when you and your mission need them most.

We have much more information on the results we’re seeing that we can share – drop your email here to learn more: