Not Just an EOY Boost: AdvantageAI’s Impressive Q1 Results

After the high volume and increased revenue of Q4, the first few months of the new year can often feel slow-going. But for members of the first-ever AdvantageAI digital co-op, Q1 of 2021 was anything but. AdvantageAI members saw an increase in email conversions, converted donors more quickly, and decreased breakeven windows even during the historically slower fundraising months.

We’re here to give you a look inside AdvantageAI members’ successful start to the year and help your organization drive mission-changing growth.

The first-of-its kind digital data suite

Before we talk about results, here’s a quick recap: AdvantageAI is a suite of offerings, including the first-of-its-kind digital co-op. All together, AdvantageAI helps nonprofits and campaigns find supporters identified specifically for their likelihood of giving to their mission.

The jewel of AdvantageAI is the digital co-op. By combining the predictive power of platforms like Facebook, the predictable budgeting of fixed-cost options and the proven effectiveness of the co-op model from the direct mail world, AdvantageAI helps its members acquire supporters primed to give – and give again. Plus, it’s fast, dependable, and we handle all the setup and heavy lifting – leaving you more time to focus on engaging your supporters and pushing your mission forward. 

What did Q1 success look like? 

You may have seen some of the impressive AdvantageAI results from Giving Tuesday and EOY season overall, including 70-percent return on investment in one day. While nonprofits put up massive numbers at year-end and drove huge returns from their AdvantageAI-acquired supporters, this isn’t just an EOY boost. The first few months of 2021 indicate that AdvantageAI results are holding steady even during traditionally slower months.

With open rates remaining strong moving from EOY into Q1, AdvantageAI-acquired names drove 19-percent more gifts across nonprofit members in Q1 2021 compared to Q4 2020. And people are noticing the incredible results this year: nine out of 10 nonprofit members have invested in additional buys after their first buys returned an average of 246 percent.

Even considering the lower volume when compared to Q4, AdvantageAI members continued to see short breakeven windows. 

We’re also seeing that AdvantageAI-acquired supporters require fewer touchpoints to convert first-time donors – in fact, other fixed-cost acquisition sources required 3.5X as many touches to drive a conversion than AdvantageAI supporters in Q1. These donors are continuing to give well beyond their first contribution as well: 42 percent of all these converted donors have given more than once. 

One organization saw a return on spend up to twice as strong as the return from other fixed-cost sources:

Results regardless of the moment

With all the numbers in, AdvantageAI has proven that it continues to be a reliable source for donor acquisition and re-activation throughout the year. No matter what fundraising moments you have ahead, the AdAI data suite can use cutting-edge predictive analytics to help power those big campaigns and help your organization realize critical program goals. 

To find out which AdvantageAI service is right for your program, reach out to us at and one of our team members will get back to you soon!