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We know now more than ever that digital growth can propel a program forward. So we’ve taken the ease of traditional fixed-cost list growth, combined it with terabytes of data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence – and voila, you’ve got an acquisition platform with 70 million prospects you can email immediately.

  1. Fast and dependable payback on your investment with no hassle: Nonprofits who made EOY 2020 investments broke even in an average of 19 days. Plus, we handle all the setup and distribution, leaving you more time to engage your new audience around your world-changing mission.
  2. High-quality fixed-cost list growth through proven measures: Our innovative digital co-op contains 70 million unique email addresses and is constantly growing – providing plenty of high-quality inventory for even the largest programs, with the same ease as fixed-cost sources but with significantly higher return.In fact, current co-op members have seen ROAS (return on ad spend) increase 38% faster than traditional fixed-cost platforms month-over-month.
  3. Finding and reactivating supporters among your existing inactive file: Just like digging up your backyard for buried treasure, your existing audience represents a tremendous amount of new revenue just waiting to be tapped through our AI-powered reactivation model. One nonprofit saw their modeled group of inactive names break even within 14 days.

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Digital Co-op

AdvantageAI’s digital data co-op uses cutting-edge predictive analytics to help identify new likely donors from a massive pool of shared data between co-op partners.

Our co-op delivers high return, scale, and speed to scale while preserving list health and mitigating risk and the usual required expertise. In fact, the digital co-op has already helped its partners raise more than $20 million since June 2020 – and we’re always adding new partner inventory.

Here’s what our co-op partners who have included AdvantageAI names in their fundraising email programs have seen:


AdvantageAI’s powerful modeling infrastructure extracts detailed behavioral data from your CRMs and ESPs with an unmatched level of precision. And at a cost lower than direct acquisition, our modeling tool analyzes your current list to determine which names have the highest potential. AdvantageAI’s modeling provides a solution for every target audience: reactivation, mid-level conversion, sustainer upgrades, major gifts, and even digital non-donors primed for activation.

Here’s our reactivation model in action: