Fixed-cost acquisition with 70% return in ONE day: Here’s how it works

By Abe Krieger, AVP Advertising & Acquisition

High-quality, dependable, quick-converting names are the holy grail of digital engagement. And this year, the quest to find them was full of twists and turns: Facebook blocked huge swaths of ad variants. Competition for attention got stiffer as more and more of our lives moved online. It became harder to acquire, to scale, to find an innovation that wasn’t blocked or drowned out.

So our team decided to borrow from offline strategies to break through the noise. Building on the proven success of the direct mail co-op concept, our expert strategists seized the opportunity to create the first exclusively digital data co-op in the nonprofit landscape – a brand-new option for fixed-cost acquisition.

Early results were encouraging, but the AdvantageAI co-op’s first big nonprofit test was Giving Tuesday – and it passed with flying colors. 

We tested and launched AdvantageAI with our largest nonprofit partners in advance of Giving Tuesday – and we achieved results that aren’t possible with any other platform.

Of co-op members that ran fundraising email campaigns the week of Giving Tuesday, half saw a 50% return by midnight on Tuesday. One member saw a 70% return in just one day – that’s simply unprecedented in the digital space.

But ROAS wasn’t the only metric AdvantageAI names blew out of the water: We also saw, in a year when per-email revenue dipped across the industry, co-op names returning average gifts higher than overall donor files.

So how does the AdvantageAI data suite return results like these? How does it all work? By combining the kind of predictive modeling that makes platforms like Facebook so powerful with the reliability of fixed-cost acquisition, AdvantageAI uses sophisticated data science to fuel donor growth and exceed crucial fundraising targets. Already, this powerhouse co-op boasts a universe of over 70 million unique email addresses and counting.

We’ve been thrilled with these results – and we know that as more organizations join the co-op and our massive data lake expands, results will only get better. We’ll be pulling from billions of data points to deliver on metrics – and on mission. Remember: The most innovative and effective thing about our co-op is that the names you receive are specifically qualified to invest in helping you change the world!

There is always a new fundraising milestone on the horizon, and we want to help you make the most of it with our groundbreaking data suite. Our data scientists are on the edge of their ergonomic seats, waiting to leap into action for your organization – so if you’re curious what the AdvantageAI co-op could do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to!