What exactly is a co-op?

While we’ve done something new with AdvantageAI, it has roots in something that will be familiar to most nonprofits: the co-op model. These have existed in the direct mail world for years.

How does it work?

Organizations pool their supporters, which is what makes up the co-op part. When you want to find new donor prospects, just tell us how many, and we’ll create a model of co-op supporters likely to give to you and your cause. Some organizations are seeing their investments return in full in 60-90 days.

Those payback windows are fast. How does that work?

There are lots of reasons this works so well, but a couple stand out: The co-op features supporters’ email addresses and corresponding behavior – over email. Audience and channel insights are combining to deliver strong performance.

Who are the other co-op members I’d be joining?

This is an anonymous co-op, meaning we do not publish or reveal its members, but current partners come in all sizes and scopes – from Forbes top 100 nonprofits to the leading voices in progressive politics.

Will this work with my tech stack?

Our co-op is compatible with most major CRMs and ESPs.

How do I know the email addresses you provide are high quality and not likely to produce negative interactions like bounces?

AdvantageAI has a frequency and recency screen to ensure all emails you receive are active, have recently engaged with email content, have made donations, and have not previously been added to your list.

Will adding AdvantageAI acquisition names to my organization's file impact our email deliverability?

In virtually every case, yes – and for the positive. Since AdvantageAI prioritizes recency and specificity, we’ve seen cohorts outperform the open rates of your house file! However, as with any fixed-cost acquisition source, we encourage you to onboard lists in accordance with best practices to ensure continued high deliverability.

Is my organization allowed to share our data with the AdvantageAI co-op?

If your privacy policy allows it, you should be able to share your data with no problems. But you may need to update your privacy policy to make sure you can use and share data you collect with AAI. For example, if your privacy policy contains language such as “We will not share your email address with any other organization or business” or “We will not sell, rent or trade your email address to a third party,” it will need to be updated.

Is AdvantageAI the right growth source for me?

We think so! And if you’re interested in trying out a test purchase – or have any other questions at all – we’d love to talk more. Reach out to advantageai@annelewisllc.com and a member of our team will be in touch soon!