Maximize Reach, Maximize Revenue

Following changes from Apple, open rates are becoming less and less reliable, resulting in smaller mailable audiences for organizations – all as we’re approaching key moments in Q4. Curate helps email programs maximize opens, engagement, and revenue without harming deliverability, by utilizing known digital activity to ensure you’re emailing the right audience.

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How does Curate work?

  1. When you subscribe to Curate, you gain access to insights from the AdvantageAI co-op that will help you determine which members of your audience are recently active beyond your own email program.
  2. With those enhanced insights, you can build segments to send your appeals to supporters who are likely to open and engage with your email content.
  3. The result is a larger recently-active and email-responsive audience to receive your messages – one of the best levers you can pull to bring in more revenue.

Ready to learn more about what Curate can do for your program?

It’s not too late to subscribe to Curate ahead of end-of-year! Reach out today to learn how it can help add precision to your online program.