Curate: Frequently Asked Questions

So … Curate. What is it?

Curate is a new solution brought to you by MissionWired, the team that developed AdvantageAI’s list growth co-op. With Curate, nonprofit and political email marketers can access data that enhances their house file, helping make segmentation decisions to protect sender reputation and maximize engagement and revenue.

Why is this necessary?

High-quality behavioral data for segmentation is critical. You want to know that the emails you send target users who are active, as defined by their recent behavior. You are constantly analyzing your files to ensure that you’re sending to the largest universe of active users possible. But you are limited by the behavioral data you have – there are likely thousands of users on your file who are active but not sending behavioral data to you.

The evolving technology landscape has made these limitations even more challenging. With its latest operating system update, Apple is set to treat every user of its devices – 40% of all email users – as having opened your emails, whether they actually did or not. These false opens will render metrics like open rate and conversion metrics like gifts/opens less reliable.

Put simply: If you don’t know who’s opening, you can’t segment your emails in ways that maintain list health and therefore drive revenue while protecting deliverability ahead of large fundraising moments. Curate’s comprehensive view into email behavior will allow you to maintain the large audiences you need to hit your revenue goals – if not grow your emailable audience beyond where it once was.

OK, I’m getting it. But how does it work?

Curate – a feature of AdvantageAI – relies on that which makes AdvantageAI so powerful: a cooperative database. Organizations share exhaust data for the purposes of modeling and evaluation. 

Take one of our favorite hypothetical organizations: Save the Platypuses. If Save the Platypuses is a member of Curate – along with organizations like Save the Porpoises, Save the Narwhals and Save the Dolphins – Save the Platypuses’ house email file would be enhanced to help them understand which email addresses are active and, better yet, responsive over email so they know who to safely include in their appeals. You’ll get enhanced insights that let you know who on your list is active across the entire co-op. Priority will be recency, so you can send to people whose emails are current, who will open, click and give.

Hold up. Broader email behavior is going to help my organization protect our sender reputation and drive performance?

Yes! One of the best predictors of future behavior is past behavior. Knowing someone is clicking and donating will allow you to send to them with confidence, so you can get your best offer in front of them and win support for your organization.

What do I do with the data once I have it? How will it be delivered to me?

Curate enhancements will be made available to you via Secure File Transfer Protocol. From your MissionWired point of contact, you’ll get a link to your file, along with a user ID and password to access your delivery.

How often do I get updated data?

You can choose to have your data updated either weekly or monthly. Higher-volume organizations – especially in high-stakes moments, like Giving Tuesday and year-end – will want to refresh more often, as deliverability issues can emerge quickly and become painstaking to mitigate. With Curate, you’re a bit like a head chef slicing and dicing data (a dash of known clickers here, a sprinkle of recent donors there) to produce the outcomes you most want: list health, immediate revenue, lifetime value – you name it.

When can I start using Curate? When can I expect my first delivery?

You can subscribe right now! We’re currently ready to deliver data and are offering introductory pricing. Once you’ve subscribed, you could have your first delivery within a week – quicker if you’re already a member of AdvantageAI. 

What does it cost?

We’ve always believed in pricing things collaboratively with our partners. The best fee structure is the one that helps you achieve your mission. That being the case, we have standardized rates for Curate to cost a fraction of a penny for each email address.

From there, pricing is determined by the data refresh rate (weekly or monthly).

OK, I’m in! What next?

Great! We’re confident that this is going to make a difference for your mission. And its inspiration takes the form of a wise, old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. True in medicine as well as deliverability. 

Reach out to your AdvantageAI contact or email to get started!