AdvantageAI is the first-ever digital co-op. Find email prospects and donors for your mission with this high-powered, award-winning acquisition platform.

Case Studies & Insights

How’s it work? We’re glad you asked.

  1. AdvantageAI is made up of more than 140 members – from top 100 nonprofits and major political campaigns to smaller organizations sending to highly qualified lists – and is constantly growing.
  2. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the co-op combines the power of social advertising with the predictability of fixed-cost growth to find prospects primed to support your mission.
  3. Some organizations have seen 100% return on their investment in as little as four weeks!
The supporters we acquired returned 46% of our investments in just two weeks. Those are results we don’t see in digital or in direct mail. Just as important – we’ve been able to message the co-op names quickly and easily, because the supporters are screened to be active and engaged. The results have been off the charts. Direct response team
at a large international aid org

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